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Welcome to the Classical Homeopathy Website for Jenifer Shapiro


I created this site to offer clients more information on Homeopathy and how I practice homeopathy with clients. 


Homeopathy is not like taking a supplement.  It is a deep, powerful tool and practice of mind, body, soul and emotions and to use it properly takes many years of training and practice.


After 15+ years of practice and over 20 years of study, I believe it's important for clients to understand how homeopathy may work and how to anticipate outcomes.  I hope this site provides a clearer understanding of both and now also offer courses for everyone to begin and continue their learning.


I practice what is termed classical homeopathy.  Classical homeopathy has it's basis in the Organon and the work of the father of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. 


For more information on my healing, counseling and business consulting work, please see my main website, The Empowerment Centre, LLC.


I hope you enjoy my new homeopathy site and wish you deep healing and empowerment on your personal path to great health and a happy life.







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