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This is an overview of my homeopathic beliefs and a bit on the teachers I followed the most.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Many homeopaths today have taken the work of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and expanded on it and/or clarified his teachings in their own work. 


I believe myself to be a purest in many respects and Dr. Samuel Hahnemann is my primary teacher. 


Also, in classical homeopathy we often term homeopaths as Kentian (high dose) homeopathy named after Dr. James Tyler Kent who died in 1916 and brought higher doses to the table after Hahnemann had gone for lower dosing, or classical homeopaths who tend toward lower dosing, I tend toward lower dosing in most cases and only use higher dosing when I feel it truly necessary.


In my studies, I've also studied the with and/or of the following teachers and follow many of their guidelines in my own work:


- Dr. Luc de Schepper - This man has the heart and soul of a true homeopath and reading his work has solidified my own.  I recall in my studies that my first teacher was very much against what we call LM potencies.  She was a Kentian-based homeopath and believed the higher dosing was the only way to treat.  I found, as I am a sensitive and many of my clients are as well that olfactory and LM dosing is often the most effective in certain cases and can create change with minimal aggravations or accessory symptoms.  During my course of study, I found Dr. Luc's work and my world opened.  I am forever grateful to his clarity on the LM potencies and the heart and soul he brings to his work.  Big hug to Dr. Luc!


- George Vithoulkas - I believe Vithoulkas has had a great influence not only on the classical method of practicing homeopathy, but on bringing homeopathy into the medical world and into the world in general.  I have studied his teachings to a great extent and one thing I have found most of all is his ability to recognize the individual's essence in the moment.  I do feel at times his methods broaden from classical homeopathy and recall a few cases where his choice was one I couldn't see (I would have made a different choice in a remedy) so sometimes I feel perhaps I don't fully understand his method, AND I do feel I have learned a lot from him and recognize and honor his achievements and ability to bring homeopathy to thousands of people worldwide. 


- Dr. Hillman - A homeopath who is no longer in practice.  I studied with Dr. Hillman the power of the essence of an individual and I feel his work helped me to 'see' the remedy in the person.  I've always been an intuitive and I usually get the name of a remedy when I'm working with someone but there were times the name didn't fit what I was seeing and it was confusing.  Dr. Hillman opened my awareness of the remedies so I could see a larger picture and I'm forever grateful for his passion, commitment and patience with me. 


As we cannot be everything to everyone in homeopathy, and many new teachers have created new methods I don't use in my practice, I feel it is my duty to be clear on those methods I do not follow.


I have not studied and/or have studied but don't follow the following methods.  I like to make this clear as many homeopaths do offer these methods and if this is your choice, I know you will find a homeopath that fits your needs as there are wonderful homeopaths that choose these teachers:


- The Vital Sensation Method of Homeopathy, by Sankaran


This is a very popular method today.  I have had some basic studies of the method and found it differed in ways I didn't resonate with from traditional homeopathy.  This has nothing to do with the merit of the method, I believe many homeopaths use it with great success, it is my choice to stick to what I know works for my clients and I also realize, it would take years for me to understand his method, and with over a decade of training and practice behind me, I don't have the time right now to study further.


- The Hink Method


This method was brought to my attention by a client in Switzerland.  It uses nosodes as it's primary method of practice.  While I do use nosodes when called for in practice, I have no training in this method.


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