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If you haven't read About Homeopathy, it may help to do so before reading this page.



Acute conditions in homeopathy are those conditions that are not chronic, they are conditions such as flu's, bites, emotional situations such as death of a loved one (though this can be a chronic situation if the loved one was sick for a long time), car accidents, etc.


In homeopathy, we sometimes treat acute situations differently than chronic situations in that we may use an interim remedy rather than a deeper remedy.


For example, I had a client call me from Mexico with severe food poisoning.  She was terrified and didn't know enough spanish to feel comfortable in a medical establishment there.  I had sent her with a few homeopathics just in case and had her take a few doses of one of them.  Within 30 minutes she was fine and able to continue her work.


The remedy chosen for this situation was not her constitutional remedy nor would it have worked in most other situations for her. 


If you are a current client, acute situations are often short sessions.  Contact us for details. 


NOTE:  To ensure to first do no harm, I rarely treat someone for an acute situation who is a new client without a thorough intake.



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