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For additional client testimonials for working with Jenifer, please see our main site.  Below are homeopathic client testimonials only.


"The homeopath I'd worked with for 20 years closed his practice and he referred me to Jenifer.  I wasn't the easiest patient at first, her style was very different than his.  He was much more of a questioning type, Jenifer listens a lot more and at first it was a little challenging for me to be leading, but after a while I realized I was telling her things I'd never told my previous homeopathic doctor and I could understand why she was letting me talk.  I know some homeopathy myself and as I spoke I could see why some of the remedies I'd been given in prior years were maybe not the best call.  Jenifer also respected my knowledge and worked with me to find the plan of action that I felt comfortable with.  All in all I think she is a solid homeopath, though to me, she still looks 20.  I keep asking her if homeopathy can make me look 20 too!"


Rain W., San Rafael, CA


"I was miserable.  Three years after the accident the pain in my sacrum and feet was horrible and the medications were killing me.  I finally just stopped them as they seemed to be making it worse.  I just didn't know what to do.  It seems another lifetime now.  I called Jenifer on the recommendation of my doctor who had known her from her work at a hospital he worked at.  Honestly, I don't think I would have called her without a recommendation from a doctor, I can't say I was big on 'alternative medicine' before this experience.  Also, her website was a little out there for me (he is referring to my main site) and the intuitive aspect a little much but I figured I'd give it a try.  Seriously, the first night of taking the homeopathic, I think I actually felt my nerves healing.  It was the craziest thing.  I had this image of little helpers healing the nerves. 


The next morning I was stiff (as Jenifer said I would be) AND it was the first morning I'd woken up out of pain in years.  No drugs!  It took about a month to clear the pain completely from my sacrum, and a bit longer for me to be able to start exercising again (Jenifer had me clear this with my doctor which I was impressed by.) and now, a few months after working with her, I have my life back. 


I'm grateful to my doctor for the referral and Jenifer for her integrity, clarity and consistency.  She is a true professional."


Michael Gaylin, TX


"After 12 years of seasonal allergies, for the first time, I can honestly say I don't need to take ANYTHING.  Amazing.  And the 'other thing' cleared up too:).  Thanks for your amazing gifts Jen.  I can't believe how long I took drugs for something that was just and imbalance.....I learned a lot from our sessions...that time you helped me to see the truth about the situation with John (ex-husband) changed so much for me and really helped me get my power back. 


I feel like me again, seems like it's been a really long time...I'd encourage anyone who has something physical or mental to change to call you...and loved the hugs - that Midwesterner in you coming through my dear!"


L. Peterson, 47, Philadelphia, PA



For additional client testimonials for working with Jenifer, please see our main site.  Below are homeopathic client testimonials only.


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