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If you haven't read About Homeopathy, it may help to do so before reading this page.



In my humble opinion, chronic conditions are what homeopathy both excels at and what makes homeopathy such an amazing healing tool.


I think it may be helpful to offer an example.


My client John had had a chronic condition since childhood.  This condition (I don't feel I even need to state it for you to see my meaning) made John feel inadequate and different.  He isolated and found himself lonely and depressed most of the time.


John came to me for the depression, and in the intake I found out about the condition.  I treated ALL of John, as we do in classical homeopathy, and his experience was what I term unwinding, as his entire being started to heal the underlying condition. 


The condition had been with him for many years, so it took nearly 8 months to clear it completely, and when it did, the other symptoms disappeared too and for the first time, I felt I really saw the true John without the conditions.


Many homeopaths say since we treat based on symptoms, we can treat anything.  Honestly, while that seems good in theory, in practice, I've found some aspects of treatment can be more difficult - mostly due to the allopathic medications given to the individual which confuse the vital force. 


I am a thorough homeopath and take each case seriously. I excel in working with:


- lyme disease


- hormones

- mood challenges

- allergies

- sensitivities

- digestive disorders

- some skin conditions


I do work with other conditions, please contact me if you have a question.  I'll be honest and thorough in my response.

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