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How Payments Are Determined:


A classical homeopathic intake for new clients and chronic conditions is 2 hours in length for adults and 1.5 hours for children under age 8 (much of this time is spent discussing with the parent and the session may be split to do so effectively - contact us for details on your individual situation). 


The cost of the intake includes prep and research up to 1 hour of time.  After an initial session, a homeopathic is chosen within 7 days of the session (Jenifer usually sits with the remedy in meditation to ensure she is clear and devises a plan).  The first remedy often has many questions involved and Jenifer will communicate with clients via email at no charge (within reason). 


As of 10/1/2012 - Classical homeopathy intakes for adults are $365 and for children under age 8 are $285.


After the initial intake, follow-up sessions are usually 4 weeks later for 30 minutes to ensure the remedy is on track.  The follow-up session is $75.


Additional check-in's via phone may be requested by clients at a rate of $35 per 15 minutes, $75 per 30 minutes, $150 per 1 hour.


Homeopathics vary in cost from $22-$65 depending on the type and make (liquid, cream or dry dose) of the homeopathic with the average cost being $35.  Jenifer usually orders only one homeopathic at a time for a client, though for sensitive people and those planning to travel or similar situations, Jenifer may order additional homeopathic which will always be discussed with the client first.


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