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In general, I treat horses, dogs and cats.  This is my experience and what I have training/ personal study in.


I rarely treat birds and it's rare I will treat other animals as I haven't studied them enough to feel confident in my treatment.  Animals have many variables to homeopathic treatment that we as homeopaths need to take note of. 


Some animals are more sensitive than others and cold-blooded animals may take in a homeopathic much differently.  We need to be careful, as we would with anyone, to first do no harm and not treat homeopathy lightly.  Homeopathy is powerful medicine, and prescribed inaccurately can make animals sick just like it can humans.


Treating animals is a whole new game for a homeopath.  We treat individuals based on symptoms of the mind, body and spirit and animals speak a different language.


As an intuitive, I've found speaking the specific animal's language is about how I listen.  I take some time before we meet to look over the typical information on your cat, dog or horse's breed (part of the intake form you provide.) 


For in-person sessions, I do the following for an intake.  I do treat some animals via skype sessions when I feel it is safe and will be effective to do so.  (For skype sessions I require the animal be present, iphones are fine.)  Contact us with any questions regarding this.


Upon meeting the animal, I may wish to observe them for a bit before asking questions.  I watch them walk, how they respond to the environment and how they respond to me.  I note the physical tendencies and how they look just like I would a person. 


Then I'll ask you many questions about their temperament, the challenges you brought them in for, and whatever comes through to me as important in taking a case.


Next I may do physical examinations, especially of their spine, organ system, facial tone, mouth, eyes and skin. 


We will then either discuss treatment if I'm clear on what to give them at that point or I may choose to do some sitting with the case and contact you after the session with the remedy.


Offering a remedy to an animal is just like a human being and I offer very clear instructions on what to do.




"Our cat was pretty sick by the time we came to see Jenifer.  The doctor gave us a series of medications, she couldn't keep anything down and she just stopped eating at all.  We couldn't get her to eat anything, especially not medications.  Jenifer started by bringing her appetite back.  It was pretty amazing to watch her go from no hunger to hunger nearly overnight.

Once she started eating, the original symptoms came up (just as Jenifer said they would) and within a few weeks, she was having constant diarrhea (a symptom we had forgotten about since it hadn't happened since before we'd taken her to the doctor).  Jenifer treated the diarrhea (stopped after the first dose) and then again we waited.  It took a few more weeks before she started to look like herself again, and her hair started to grown in again.  Then we tested her liver/ kidney function, both were better.  The doctor (who happens to believe in holistic) said he also believed the remedies Jenifer gave us were what cured our little Sammy (our cat).  It took 3 months of treatment (3 sessions and many emails in between ensuring we were doing the right things) but to see our cat happy and healthy, it was completely worth it.  (Also, compared to what we spent in meds, tests, etc., it was nothing.)"


Sara Jacobs, NC

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